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Golfito, today is a really sleepy fishing village, in the 1960's to middle 80's it was a thriving place for growing bananas for export. Golfito is a place where time stands still, but even so it has its appeal. Tourists looking for peace and quiet, who like the simple life and love of the outdoors, Golfito and the surrounding areas are the perfect place to relax.

Our Tour offer should be helpful in discovering the most beautiful areas of Golfito and surrounding environment, quickly and without great expense.


The tours offered, should meet probably every possible interest.


There are tours and hikes for those who require no great physical effort. They serve to relax and allow the enjoyment of the natural environment.


The second category is for visitors who enjoy some of the real demands of hiking.


Another category is for professionals within the realm of photographers, scientists, bird watchers, and those tourists whom have set a goal for their vacation.


The last category may of course not be forgotten. For those who come to Costa Rica to just hang around and enjoy the freedom, and pura vida lifestyle of the local inhabitants.